Friday, 19 June 2009

How to:Destroy a HDD

*Sob sob* my poor old hard drive has died on me. But I can’t let anyone have a chance at possibly recovering the data...

I’m using a program called copywipe to see when my PC will not recognise the drive anymore, when this happens only the new hard drive will show up and not both.

The drop test

Well that was fun! I even managed to get it to hit some metal on the way down, lets plug it in and see if it still works.


Pesky hard drive!

The “Imaginary friend catch test”

Now my imaginary friend Pete isn’t very good at catching, but it isn’t his fault he just has no arms. (Or any body part for that matter)


Didn’t work either, despite mine and Pete’s best efforts. Time for...

The Gunpowder test

If we can’t make it unreadable by throwing it, we’ll burn it!


Yep you knew that was coming (probably because you saw it at the same time as the video), it still picks it up. Seems like hard drives will only go bad when you need them in use.

The Lump hammer



Looks like old fashioned brute force wins again!

In memory of Martha Mark 2

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