Friday, 19 June 2009

How to:Cherry bomb

How to make a “cherry bomb”

In this tutorial I’m going to try to show you how to make a cherry bomb from some easyish to find materials.

You will need:
Gunpowder(you can also matchheads whole but it wont be as powerful)
Ping pong ball
Nail (a bit thicker than your chosen fuse)
Scalpel or screwdriver
Electrical tape(black tends to look good)
Aluminium foil*

*Optional but very useful


Okay, to start you’ll need to rest the ping pong ball on the roll of electrical tape to stop it from sliding about, once you’ve done that take your scalpel or screwdriver and cut a hole in the top of the ping pong ball. It should be big enough to pour in the powder or your matchheads, but not too big because the cherry bomb will be less effective.


If you have a funnel, put it into the hole and start to fill up the ball with powder or drop in your matchheads. If you don’t you can just fold up a piece of paper and slide it in, this can take a bit more time though. You should aim to fill the ball to about three quarters of the way to the top to leave room for the gas to build up.

Once this is done, start to wrap the electrical tape around the ball starting with covering the hole, wrap about 5 layers over this gap, then continue to cover the whole ball in 5 layers of tape. Try to keep the tape tight against the ball and keep it as smooth as you can. It should look like this.


Then take your foil and cut it into 4 square pieces, the idea is to have each piece big enough to cover the ping pong ball. This step isn’t necessary but will really help with the explosion. When you put them together fold one piece over and scrunch it tight, then take another piece and do it the opposite way. Do this until all 4 sides are covered, then roll the ball onto something hard until it is circular again.



After you have done this do another 5,6 or 7 layers of electrical tape around the foil keeping it as tight as you can again.

Then take your...


CROWBARRRRR and pretend you’re Gordon Freeman for a bit. Done? Good, now I know it sounds risky but you need to take your rusty old nail


And VERY gently, hammer the nail through all the layers you’ve just made, tap the ping pong ball onto something, if a bit of powder comes out you’ve gone far enough. (You should be able to feel it when you get through easily, so testing for powder might not be needed.)

Once you’ve done this, cut a big enough sized fuse to go into the ball, always make it a bit longer than you think you’ll need. Then if it’s a bit wobbly, cut 4 small pieces of tape and put them cross ways to fix the fuse in place.

Now you’re done! If your fuse is waterproof these make great depth charge type explosives, as you can see from the video. Please bear in mind that this is dangerous and shouldn't be treated like a firecracker, if you make one and decide to light it.Run.


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  1. Would the explosion be any bigger were the bomb not submerged in water? What sort of blast radius are we looking at here? Don't mean to sound like a psycho here, but having watched the video I was surprised at how powerful something as simple as this appears to be...!

  2. I suspect the blast radius would be considerably larger if it was not submerged,but I wouldn't reccomend this as you may end up within the radius yourself :)