Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How to:Electric stove

Your gas cooker has stopped working! But you happen to have a glue gun lying around?

We both know how much you want to heat up that can of baked beans right now.

Before we start it might be a good idea to only try this if you hate your glue gun or you dont mind having a broken one. I put mine back together fine but I dont want you to break yours because of me. So be careful!

You will need

Glue gun


Step 1
Unscrew your glue gun and carefully open it up, make sure nothing falls out. It should look something like this.(If it doesn't it should be a very similar procedure anyway so dont worry.)

Step 2
Now carefully remove just the tip of the glue gun leaving the handle in place. It should look like this now.

Step 3
At this point it should be quite clear where the heating element is, I just followed the wires to find it. So once you know where it is carefully take it out of its holder.

Step 4
In the photo above there is a heat protective piece of plastic around the heating element, this can be taken off if it gets in the way but remember to put it back on before it goes back in the glue gun if you decide to put it back together.

Anyway! Now take your heating element at tape it by the wires so the element is touching your can, you should probably put it on a stand so its not touching anything else. Remember to take off the lid of the can before you turn it on because we dont want exploding beans flying around. Done that? Okay now you can turn it on and stir the contents of your can slowly as it heats up.

This will take a different amount of time depending on the type of glue gun you have, but whatever type it wont take too long so if you ever find yourself in very odd circumstances...atleast you can heat your beans.

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